Moods as Indicators for Action

18 10 2007

I feel a strange mood sitting here in my living room after having done a massage. So many questions to life to be answered. The most important going back to my results list this morning…What pains specifically do I want to avoid experiencing in my four main life departments: 1) place 2) money 3) people and 4) passion.

Right now I feel a combinative pain, slight, but still recognizable. It’s a dash of loneliness (people/place pain); I’m here on the computer by myself. I don’t feel particularly focused or motivated (place pain). It’s just a “bleh” feeling. My friend Lewis just called and says that’s he’s decided that “working all day” is counterintuitive and does not produce the results that he wants because he’s in a bad “place” mentally and wants to go for a hike.

I am so results driven right now. Isn’t that what counts? What happened to “process-driven”. I like the results I am getting. I even like the process in which I am doing it. Maybe the feeling I feel now isn’t pain, but actually success. Success is calm. You’re here, Dao. Enjoy it for a second.




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