Day Log

17 10 2007

+ God, I feel great walking, and then feel awful when i have to get to the posting. I like blogging. I like reading.
+ discovered friendster has a great blog, kaarl and his clicksense passive income
+ achieved a pump after bike ride, remembered to ride that motivation to set environmental facilitators for success.
+ 2nd bike sprint at 4:08, a bike is more than 4x faster than walking
+ pretty girl emails for student massage, breeds desire for more success.
– wasting time with blog design, let’s focus on action that produce results today
+/- ran into duyen online while exercising, opted to seize opp, mincommunicated ‘healthy’ as chubby
+ in a high state of motivation why? how? results from craigads coupled w/ im duyen

Today’s results:




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