Day Log

16 10 2007

+ ran with Aubrey. She’s very dependable. foresaw usual slumptime after run so decided to nap instead.
– god i hate posting in the morning (should do it during the day, just publish in the morn’)
ii. Noon’
+ very tempted to throw in the towel but understand that my habits are pretty relaxing.
+ yay! both russians eugenia and anna respond! should make habit of writing girls. yay!
iii. Evening’
+ combined walk w/ food gathering. feeling good about me, I’m changing however little; not throwing in the towel when discouraged.
+ getting habit not much else
+ it’s an hour until my bedtime and i have a decision to make. I go or a walk and think. went for walk
+ said i would try and not beat off watching porn; end up beating off. It’s so powerful.
October 14, 2007 – Sunday

Day Log
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

+ walked this morning
+ spent night at thuan’s, m.i.t. 4HWW get the book.
+ continue with habits despite activity/chaos of mv.chuck, harold, and thuan here
– Mv.Chuck is being evasive (e-mail confirm)
– assumed Barnes would have 4HWW
+ met nice client, chuck and jeanie moving and yard work (fotos)
+ good to take opportunity to do extra work and decision making to stop for myself and harold and keep repoir w/ chuck
+ nice walk at walnut creek with backdrop
+ good decision to stay over at thuan’s
– reconfronted effectiveness, are my activities producing results? i dunno

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October 13, 2007 – Saturday

Day Log
Category: Life

+ interesting people on the bus, who is disadvantaged here? (insert fotos)
– no gameplan, template approach w/ girls. Aubrey whats the next step?
– exhausted when I got home, pace too fast? again felt unfocused and unmotivated
+ took baby steps and it makes a whole world of difference
ii. Noon’
– poor emotional experience noontime; don’t know what’s wrong
+ rediscovered my need for significance and love; I need comfort in that department
iii. Evening’
+ shut down youtube after realizing what seems to be my return to depression
+ went for walk despite our bad feelings; love this october weather in austin, ran into cuddly black cat
+ continued with goals, they’re easy! most
+ Thuan saved me inviting to karaoke with Madame T. insert fotos
+ fell asleep to let’

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October 12, 2007 – Friday

Day Log
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

+ not feelin’ too motivated, slumped after walgreens and trying to catch a bus…but still keeping habits
+ lousy mood back at home but keeping habits…just focused one step at a time.
– girl at walgreens I liked her but nosucceeded, (should have photoed, gameplan converse template)
– lost focus with bus5 time, tried to go after it by bike, no success other than to tire myself.
ii. Noon’
+ reaffirmed importance of mental health. rediscovered zenhabits. He’s got a great map.
+ Yay! get to masturbate today! (I have weekly scheduled self time)
+ Identified my feelings earlier as stress, but of what kind? (Maybe not living up to dad’s expectations?)
iii. Evening’
+ decided to play tennis with thuan and kimberly (insert photo)
+ sleepy, been up since 3:33 AM but do NOT want to break chain. yay!
+ received phone call to babysit! holy yay! so darn happy! (taste of family life)
+ discovered where the hell is matt blog

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October 11, 2007 – Thursday

Day Log
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

+ keeping goals
+ witnessed unshaven, poorly dressed man make move on cute girl and she responds! awesome!
+ I look/feel smooth, great riding my bike
– tried taking photos but can’t do it candidly =(
– bit low on energy this morning, not eating right
– uncomfortable silence with Charlie (least we could is say ‘hi’)
ii. Noon’
– not in state of focus or motivation; need to adjust something (i think you need affection)
+ good decision to take bag and improvise
iii. Evening’
+/- kept M.I.T. Almost opted not to b/c bike lock, bag
– no place for bikelock so forced to take backpack. (could have just gone in hand cuz small tranzport distance)
+ yay one photo, need more
+ jumped in there, discovered, yes others are shy as I
+ adapted to when they turned out boring we stuck in there, once you choose commit.
– need to brush my teeth before talking.
+ awesome! backpack at 1/2 priced.
+ awesome caught bus. but got lucky did not preview 338.
+ so exciting! meeting women! so exciting i love it.
+ was my weird self. maybe rubbed tom the wrong way. misintention
– so where was your childhood, misworded, misinterpreted

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October 10, 2007 – Wednesday

Day Log
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

+ got up at 5:45, caught bus over to Aubrey’s
+ with grace of Aubrey
+ made followup plans w/ aubrey
+/- feeling second day of slump, but still KH 🙂 unclear about goals?
– camera was misplaced from backpack (keep in hat)
– poor conversation while running (see 1000 questions for couples)
– 5Woodrow and 1Lamar come simultaneously (preview decision)
ii. Noon’
– back hurts either from massage or bike 5W mistake yesterday, both.
– back pain is small but annoying, compunds bad mood (why?)
+ pumped bike tire
+ brother luong called, send him links, b.c.c’d to jimmy and hailey
iii. Evening’
– agitated b/c I’m not doing anything interesting with my free time once habits are done. c’mon!
+ having laptop rocks! but are we really producing?
+ gonna get a chance to hang out with a real madame. Thaun’s ‘mommie’. Happy to see Thuan happy
+ whoa, nance (hook) changed in front of us, nice! Snuck some photos.
+ yay! got to take photos. unsnuck! careless, madame. she’s quite generous. pleasant surprise
– got exhausted, sleepy towards end
– conflicting feelings seeing hooks under madame T. Needs vs. principles.

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October 9, 2007 – Tuesday

Day Log
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

+ been waking up nicely; hope in the horizon
– walked, h.e.b., weird bad feeling afterwards, we believe b/c lack of aaa: affection, admiration, approval
– attractive female in line but I felt dirty, unbathed, and unshaved, unattractive, did not smile or introduce
+ ran into cute cat on way home on Payne
+ Found Clark Perry’s blog about how Thuan saved his life and recognized me in the audience!
– was rude to Eddleman over the phone, thinking aloud has consequencest
– Still in, what I believe to be, a mental funk about being neglected; opted to m.i.t. HCO activity tonight.
+ yoga in park
+ bolded to take photos while yoga and also afterwards
+ card to jeremiah
+/- plan B bus home, great, M.Zach dispite miscommunication
+/- Sage called. hmm. happy. should have said i love you to sage
– didn’t really get a chance to talk to h.c.o.
– tsk, tsk, tsk. forgot to journal. this is day after fill in (review d.b.t. chains)
– bad decision transfer 5W > 1L. (call for schedules)

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October 8, 2007 – Monday

Day Log
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

A. Morn’
+ kept promise to thuan truck oil change
+ mobilework!, just the freedom to not “have to travel” back. carmax & bus stop. yay!
– did not prepare for rain/weather
– did not foresee getting truck back in an hour, no payment ready, have no cash.
– volunteered that I was not Thuan, mistake? would credit card no. have worked if I white lied?
+ walk to figure out love needs and how best approach like Tim Ferris, 4H Love Week?
– no mental progress other than aim, email love, and hill country once/week
B. Noon
+ m.i.t. complete
+ met positive bus driver
+ took time to take photos on way home (insert woodrow tree/cloud shots)
+ hola. mi llamo david. Usted compró una máquina que cocinaba que se mezclaba de la
mujer oriental en garland. Yo soy su hijo. queremos vender el restaurante. ¿usted sabe de cualquier
– breathe, no prestretch, inadequate training. no soar. in pain
persona que quiere comprar un restaurante? pagarle mil dólares por su ayuda
C. Evening
+ be hanh calls (we talk boys), teleconference w/ chi (we talk dad)
+ yay for church’s chicken
– again we’re faced with Q2-fix with dad, neutral feelings of apathy dissassociation.
– “I don’t need nobody” disguise. BBW in quiet asian man form.
– am reverting to “minimal work” level w/ habits (but we do a second layer later?)
– feelin’ kind of ansy, stressed gosh. it’s the dad thing?

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October 7, 2007 – Sunday

Day Log
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

+ scenic walk w/ large food shop, camera buy, thuan help
+ decided if sprint, set sprint length (max 1 days?) followed by pace
+ reviewed nature of the sprint
+ I am beside myself with Tim Ferris’s 4-hour workweek
+ good decision focus on M.I.T > habits despite above
ii. Noon’
+ Tim Ferris gives me a mental hard on
+ Made bologne sandwiches to go
+ Good decision not to tranzport rug to Thuan’s (priority habits)
+ Moved cool guy Steven and bought massage table $40 (good/bad decision?)
iii. Evening’
+ walked anxiety off, realized I need to do purely fun something ev. day, not habit
+ decided to sing, tennis tomorrow?
– running short on time with habits b/c sidetrack w/ secondary tasks
– am forgetting the strong reasons why i need to stick with priority habits first

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October 8, 2007 – Monday

Day Log
Category: Life

+ Kept habits
+ Kept habits
+ bought noodles (combined walk w/ shoplist)
+ got a motivational kick with seinfield’s don’

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October 3, 2007 – Wednesday

Day Log
Category: Life


+ woke up to inspiration to do retail for income
+ stayed calm in our inspirational zest
+ understood that it’s the habits that produce results

– still can’t find a way to relax and yet not waste time


+ effort to connect with roommate, Art
+ coincided walking with transport to bus to thuan’s


+ helped thuan move, met Nana, made a little money
+ kept our walking/transportation habit
+ read our xanga for habit forming and realized writing xanga’s is a great habit,

+ needs to be daily, not weekly.

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